By Mia Hays

In 2018, I am going to work out five times a week and never eat chocolate and read a recreational book every night before bed . . . If only! 

How often do we make these New Year’s resolutions and watch them slip away within days or, if we’re lucky, months? While much of the time these resolutions are farfetched, these following six tips are 100 percent doable and will set your business up for a more profitable new year. 

  1. Write and send press releases. Keep your business in the public’s eye. The more press releases you write the more you will be published. The more publicity your company receives the more business you will have. Who doesn’t want that?!

  2. Schedule public speaking engagements. Showcase your vast knowledge about your field, or speak about one of your hobbies, connecting with audiences on a personal level.

  3. Attend events. These are networking opportunities! Make connections with other people in your field and potential clients.

  4. Organize your office. A cleaner work area is more inviting to others and promotes clear thinking.

  5. Blog. What better way is there to display your wealth of knowledge? Give people a taste of what you can do, and they are sure to come running!

  6. Cleanup your social media image. New year, new you. Or at least new image. Delete poorly written articles on your company website, update your expansive bio and refocus on your target clients.