what is publicity?

Unlike advertising, which is paid, publicity is free.

Behind every cover story in America resides a good public relations counselor, who effectively publicizes their client’s services, new products, executives, and other positive attributes to the public by generating timely media coverage.

As opposed to advertisers, who buy space or time, public relations counselors persuade editors, publishers, and reporters to report their client’s story.

A public relations professional or publicist talks to the media for you, gets them interested in your news, and then connects the reporter to you.

why choose publicity?

When deciding which product to buy, would you put more weight on a paid advertisement or on a front-page article written by a third-party reporter? The answer is, the article, of course.

The value of publicity is two-fold: 1) it is free, and 2) it gives you more credibility because the newspaper and/or magazine has already vetted you. This, consequently, directly increases sales, customers, and clients.

Publicity includes: articles written by reporters (usually following an interview), calendar listings announcing events or seminars, brief announcements or updates about your business or nonprofit, opinion pieces or guest columns written by our clients, and more.

why choose the goddard company?

With more than 20 years of experience and relationships with local, regional, and national reporters and editors, Jennifer Goddard Combs and her team know how to get clients placed in the media at the right time, in the right place.

With a reputation of integrity, the goddard company enjoys strong working relationships with influential members of all media. The company’s excellent contacts ensure properly aimed press releases resulting in consistent news coverage.

Consequently, successful public relations campaigns spearheaded by the goddard company have grown clients’ businesses by 20 percent.

Sound good? Why not book your complimentary, one-hour consultation by calling Jennifer at 805-565-3990 or by emailing jennifer@thegoddardcompany.com.