By Amanda Clark

Social media has altered the modern world, and the numbers only prove its merit in the business realm. A recent study reported in TIME magazine that 76% of small businesses tracking their ROI saw a positive return on social media efforts. Despite proof that social media is a successful marketing strategy, many businesses admit that they are unable to acquire an audience that represents their customer base. This is where publicity becomes pivotal. It creates visibility potential for more engaged followers that become customers.

Improve Your Visibility, Improve Your Sales

Sure, advertising can improve your visibility, but as we have mentioned on a previous post, “Why is Publicity Better Than Advertising”, publicity does it more effectively. Publicity provides third party validation, driving traffic to your social media.

Here are a few helpful guidelines to make the most out of the visibility publicity can generate:

1. Showcase your work. Post often, but ensure the posts look professional and showcase the best of your abilities. Are you particularly proud of a certain product? Let your followers know! Did you just celebrate an anniversary? Share the good news!

2. Offer links. Drive the traffic from your social media straight to the source. You want your followers to easily be able to access your product, and links are the best way to achieve this.