By Charlotte Cheek

Working with Multiple Clients

At first, this might not seem like an advantage, but it is! PR agencies work with multiple clients and multiple media outlets day in and day out. This means they have a huge pool of contacts in the media to get you where you need to be. In comparison with an in-house PR team, a PR agency does not have a one-track mind which allows them to think outside the box. With a wider breadth of clients and contacts, PR agencies live and breathe media making them experts in all things public relations.


As is true for any business, everyone has a bit of tunnel vision that an outsider can help with. A PR agency comes in without any biases and is able to find the story the media wants. They know where the story is, how to tell it, and where it isn’t. The downside to having only in-house PR is that they are subject to the same biases of the company they are trying to generate publicity for. A PR agency comes in with fresh eyes and will discover stories to tell the community about concerning your business that you may have never realized was newsworthy!   

Entrepreneurial Spirit

PR Agency professionals are fighters. The world of media is fast-paced and cut-throat, but that does not scare a PR Agency. They have the entrepreneurial spirit to continue to come up with innovative ideas for their clients and can keep up with the media around the clock. In order to keep their clients satisfied, they will go out of their way to ensure media hits. This involves the use of creative thinking, being quick to act, and thoughtful. All of these attributes are not only reserved for entrepreneurs, but PR agencies too!