By Alexandra Kutcher

To the business owner, the media manager, the marketing director…

Who is your ideal client? I’ll begin with that one simple question. I want you to think long and hard about it, and write down your answer. Tack that up in your office, memorize it, and make everyone else who works for you memorize it, too.

Are you trying to reach a very young, tech-savvy audience? Is your clientele middle-aged women? Is your clientele even gender or age-specific? Do you cater to people of a certain income? These – and many others – are factors you need to take into consideration when building your website, implementing marketing strategies, and using social media.
Know your People
Profile your ideal client. What is it that you offer? Who is buying your product or service? Once you’ve identified the ideal client’s profile, you can begin to build your brand, catering to the interests of your clientele.

Do as they do
You want your website, social media, and any other marketing tools to reflect your clientele, right down to the colors and style of your brand. Not only is your product or service geared toward them, but you also have an opportunity to cater to other aspects of your clientele’s life and interests.

If they’re mostly young teens, use a lot of engaging social media, not only of your product but also of other relevant trends in your clients’ age category, such as music, Hollywood, and humor. If your clients are mostly middle-aged business people, perhaps using promotions through LinkedIn would be a better way to engage. However, don’t count out any form of marketing or media simply because statistics have indicated the majority of your clientele doesn’t use it. There are exceptions around every corner, and in order to stay well rounded as a company and businessperson, you need to be able to speak on multiple platforms.

Keep on Keepin’ on
Frequently post content and remain consistent – stay on topic and brand. Your clients, no matter your service or product, need the information you are popping into their newsfeeds to be pertinent. So make your appearances frequent – but not aggressive – and worthwhile!

Your website, social media posts, and advertisements all need to ring in one clear, cohesive message that people will automatically recognize as you.