By: Julie Price

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In business, there’s no substitute for good old-fashioned good news

A local Realtor noted a pattern among several clients who were selling homes in nice neighborhoods after a family member had died or moved to assisted living. In each case, the empty home was in disrepair but the seller was in a Catch-22 situation, unable to afford the repairs that would allow the home to bring in anything close to what it was worth.

Moved by their dilemma, the Realtor realized that he could offer to fund the repairs and receive payment after the homes sold at or above fair market value, which they all did.

His plan created not only a win-win situation but a unique niche market – and a great story, which we helped him share through local media.

In other instances:

  • A family-owned architectural coatings firm funded an anti-graffiti mural program alongside a busy L.A. freeway, earning kudos from the mayor and making headlines across the country.

  • A small nonprofit group that helped the families of local children who were battling cancer let us share some of its heartwarming stories, shining a light on the group’s amazing work.

The businesses and their stories are diverse but the outcomes are the same: By doing something noteworthy, they made a name for themselves. In each case, their businesses thrived in the wake of the publicity.

In this era of social media and the many-tentacled beast that is public relations, there really is nothing like a good old-fashioned good-news story.

So, what have you got? Can you speak or share a presentation about your business at a civic group meeting? Can you find a way to give back to your community in some unique way? Or how about offering a free introductory service or leading a free introductory class? …

The options are endless, to do something that will make lives better in your community – and could also make headlines, online, in print, on radio and on TV.

With the help of a marketing or public relations firm, you can make a wonderful name for yourself, locally and sometimes beyond, simply by doing good work.

As noted, some of our greatest successes at The Goddard Company have sprung from something as simple as helping to share a story that shines a public light on what good companies do.