By: Amanda Longstreth

Valentines Day Image.jpg

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Uh oh. ... Just hearing those words can spark a low-level anxiety – and not just because you still haven’t bought your sweetie a gift, or because you don’t have a sweetie (you’re not alone). What can be especially jarring about this particular holiday is that it means a full month and a half has already passed since the new year.

All those grand plans and resolutions you made to increase your social media and online marketing are starting to slide to the backburner and you’ve returned in large part to your position of accomplishing “just enough.”

But guess what? It’s not too late. Far from it. There are ways you can still hit all your marketing goals and accomplish what you set out to accomplish just six weeks ago.

First of all, keep your eye on the prize. Literally, pull out that list you wrote down with all your goals and commitments for this year and read them over again. Perhaps they’ll spark something different in you today. Some goals may no long seem necessary or realistic. Some may feel even more important now. Just taking the time to read over your resolutions may well light the fire you felt when you first wrote them down.

Ask for help. Reach out to your co-workers, employees, business associates or networking groups and find ways to collaborate. Check in with your marketing or publicity team and see how they can assist you in meeting your goals – and how you can help them in theirs. Just see how much a team can accomplish.

Take note of what HAS been done. Did you write a blog last month? Did you stick to your commitment to post on your social media more consistently? Give yourself credit for what you HAVE accomplished over the past six weeks and let that pride compel you.

Break it down. Instead of focusing on the whole year, take a realistic look at what you can do this month, this week or even this hour to keep the overall plan in motion.

Finally, think big picture. You may have called them New Year’s resolutions, but the business goals you set for yourself in January do not necessarily end in December. Don’t judge yourself by your actions each day; have the foresight and vision to see where your long-term goals can ultimately lead you and your business.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.” – Bill Gates