By Kelly Carlson

Every entrepreneur and business owner needs to know the basics of public relations (PR). The following tips apply to all companies and organizations – large and small. Implement them and you will see your business benefit in a short time.

PR tips for every entrepreneur and business owner:



1.   First you need to answer this question: Why do you want the publicity? There needs to be a direction before you embark on your PR journey. Reflect and see what kind of publicity you want for your company or product. Ask yourself – what value, feature, or expertise would I like to showcase? What is newsworthy about our company or product? Who is my target audience?

2.  Time to strategize: The goal is to build an esteemed reputation where, in your field, you are the expert and your company is viewed as the gold standard. Begin with research. Read, read, read! Look at daily newspapers, business journals, and trade publications.  Participate in industry-related social media, such as LinkedIn groups or special Facebook pages. Follow your clients’ social media – and your prospects’ social media. Take note of the comments and questions, and see what is trending within your industry. Gathering this information will allow you to see what could be compelling topics for your business as you begin to brainstorm what you would like to send to the media.

3.  Networking: Making connections is important. However, so is the adage “time is money.” So, when getting involved in your community, you want to make connections that last. Remember, networking is listening; networking isn’t about selling (1). Be sure to put on your listening ears because those conversations will build your reputation - "reputation is the new currency." (1)

4.   Create a media list: In what outlets, such as publications, television channels, and radio stations, do you want your news to appear? Research and gather contacts for these outlets. Make sure to keep a file on each contact with email, phone number, and any other vital information you feel is helpful. Once you have created your media list, update it regularly so you always have a current contact.

5.   Write a press release on your news item. (Refer back to #1.) You can find sample press releases with a simple Google search. Once your press release is prepped and ready, send it out to the media!

Sounds do-able, right? It also can be a lot of fun. Start your PR campaign today!


(1) Pollard, Catriona. "5 PR Tips For Entrepreneurs." The Huffington Post., 21 June 2016. Web. 1 Apr. 2017.