By Amanda Clark

1.       It can act as a brainstorming session. By addressing potential clients, you will see what they respond to. This will allow you to figure out what is effective for your targeted audience.

2.       A speaking engagement gives you the chance to represent your company. You will have the opportunity to showcase your ability and demonstrate your expertise. This is not only beneficial for your company’s reputation, but also your own.

3.       You will be given the undivided attention of potential clients and may get referrals. The crowd will be comprised of people interested in your topic, and if you deliver an effective message they will be more interested in you and your company.

4.       It’s free! Your public relations representative can secure a speaking engagement on a topic of your interest and of interest to the community.

Your Public Relations Company Secured a Speaking Engagement for You, Now What?

1.       Come prepared with a simple, yet meaningful visual aid. You have been the given the unique chance to demonstrate your potential. The easiest way to make the most out of this chance is to create a visual aid that does not distract from your presentation, but adds to it.

2.       Practice your speech until you feel confident in your delivery. Competence leads to confidence, and the best way to ensure competence is through practice.

3.       Don’t sell… inform! Establishing credibility is best done by being knowledgeable. The audience won’t appreciate a heavy sales pitch.