By Regina Ruiz

It’s a time of change for news outlets across the world. A time to do more with less.
But, while there may be fewer resources, there is more social media and digital content than ever before. Think of it as the extra staff to get your message out to the public.
Social networks are changing the way news is consumed and shared.
According to the Pew Research Center State of the News Media Report 2014:
Only about a third of people who get news on Facebook follow a news organization or individual journalist. Instead, stories get shared from friends in their networks.

Here are 7 ways you can jump on the new media bandwagon and make it work for you!
1) Tweet, tweet, tweet.
Twitter can connect you in an instant to viewers, customers and clients. The great part, you don’t have to type a novel. Just a sentence or two and your message is out in the digital world. If you don’t have a twitter account, set one up now (I’ll wait).  Now, that you are back, start tweeting. You can also link to articles and videos. You should be tweeting every day. It’s free, it gets your message or news out and connects you to people all over the world.
2) Make your website relevant.
Give readers, potential customers and clients a reason to hang out on your website. Update it often and include the latest information on what you or your company is up to that’s newsworthy. If your website is the same day after day, week after week you are missing out on a great tool that could drive new business or a wider audience. Unlike a book, magazine, brochure, television; your website can be pulled up on iphones or laptops of thousands of people at any given time.
3) Don’t forget Facebook.
Facebook is a great tool to have a dialogue with your audience, customers or clients. Post your latest news to your website as soon as it happens. You can also give behind the scene photos or clips for your followers/friends to see and comment on. A new product? Demonstrate it and post the video on Facebook. Facebook is also a great place to just talk to who follows you or your company, ask a question about a company related topic and engage their responses. Facebook can make a customer three-thousand miles away feel like they are sitting at your desk. Plus, there’s the added bonus of your post being “shared” with a larger audience. The Pew Research Center State of the News Media Report 2014 found that half (50%) of social network users share or repost news stories, images or videos while nearly as many (46%) discuss news issues or events on social network sites.
4) Power of video.
With the increase in technology you can take great quality HD video right from your smartphone. Take advantage of recording newsworthy events and posting them to your social media. It doesn’t have to be a long, edited video.  A thirty second video works great for social media. Add a short interview with someone newsworthy in your organization and post it online. With all of the bloggers and citizen journalism, viewers are accustomed to seeing video that is not professionally shot. The key here, get your message and news out in a visual form.
5) Google+ will add to your business.
Google+ may feel like the newcomer on the block when it comes to social networking. While Facebook may seem easy to navigate, Google+ takes a bit of time to pick up. It’s not hard, just different. Instead of friending people, you follow them like on Twitter. You follow someone by adding them to your Google+ circle. It is important, though, because if done right you can increase your chance of standing out in Google search results and ranking higher.
6) Lights, Camera, Action! YouTube Channel.
If you followed #4, you already have a video shot and ready to go. Most likely it’s already uploaded to YouTube. Using YouTube you can create a channel for you or your business. This will be a one-stop shop for your followers to look at all of your videos in one sweep. It can be a great selling point because if a viewer finds your video on Facebook, then links to your YouTube Channel they may watch more videos than just the one posted on Facebook.
7) You’re reading a blog, now write a blog.
Let people inside your thoughts, business and strategy. Whatever you do, you are an expert at something. There is a market for that knowledge.  You can post your blog on your website, Facebook and also link to it on Twitter and Google+. A blog will show clients and customers your expertise in the field as well as giving them a reason to go to your social media sites and company webpage. The key is being active in this new day and age of social and digital media.
The bottom line, have a consistent presence all over the internet and social media. It’s free and can catapult a business or entity and will show you are in line with the new media times.