When a new product or service better serves the public, that is something to proudly announce.

Pueblo Radiology's new CT scanner does just that—it better serves patients by reducing radiation by 2/3. That's huge!

Notice the headline: Pueblo buying a new CT scanner is not really the news. The real news is what the new CT scanner does, so that's what we put in the headline.

Find the nugget that makes your announcement news, then put that in the headline.

If you don't know right off the top of your head, try asking these questions:

  • What does my new product or service do for people?
  • Why should people care?
  • How would I sell them in one sentence?

More great tips and advice on writing headlines here.

Pueblo Radiology’s new CT scanner cuts radiation by 2/3

Dr. Gary Blum, medical director at Pueblo Radiology

Dr. Gary Blum, medical director at Pueblo Radiology

Pueblo Radiology Medical Group recently installed a new Siemens 64 slice CT scanner in its Santa Barbara office that utilizes the latest in dose reduction technology.

This state-of-the-art CT scanner cuts radiation by two-thirds, is more patient friendly and has excellent diagnostic quality, according to Medical Director Dr. Gary M. Blum.

“As an independent group of physicians, our priority is maintaining the highest level of patient care and staying on the leading edge of technology,” Dr. Blum said. “This CT scanner helps us accomplish both goals.”

Founded in 1957 in Santa Barbara, Pueblo Radiology provides diagnostic imaging and    interventional services in a patient friendly outpatient setting. Pueblo doctors have worked in partnership with many hospitals throughout the years, starting with St. Francis Hospital in 1960, then at the current Cottage Healthcare System hospitals in Goleta and Santa Ynez, and now also at the Ojai Valley Community Hospital, St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Community Memorial Hospital and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital.

Pueblo Radiology of Santa Barbara is located at 2320 Bath Street, Suite 113. Santa Barbara Women’s Imaging—an affiliate practice of Pueblo Radiology—is located at 1525 State Street, Suite 102 in Santa Barbara.


Pueblo Radiology Medical Group is dedicated to providing high quality diagnostic imaging services in a professional, compassionate and timely manner for its patients, referring physicians and hospital affiliates. Pueblo Radiology services are accredited by the American College of Radiology. For more information, visit www.puebloradiology.com.