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Revolutionary Concrete Product Cools Paws on the Dog Days of Summer

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The call came in from a government contractor who said his guard dogs were burning their paws on the scorching hot pavement. Was anything available to help cool off the outdoor concrete surface and spare the dogs’ pain?

Yes, replied the folks at Textured Coatings of America, Inc., they had just the thing. The premier architectural coating firm recommended and eventually provided to the contractor its revolutionary patented COOL-TEC® heat-reflective concrete and wood-deck coating, which can reduce surface temperatures by up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Days later, the company received a hearty thank you letter from the contractor, who raved that, with the COOL-TEC® coating, the ground had gone from being too hot to touch to literally cool enough to walk on barefoot. It was saving the paws of their beloved and elite trained dogs, whose job required that they run the outdoor grounds.

The happy ending to this story led the folks at TEX•COTE® to begin recommending their COOL-TEC®product to all government agencies and other companies as well as residents with outdoor dogs, to help them solve the common problem of dogs damaging their paw pads on the unbearably hot grounds of summer.

Each year, animal-care experts across the country warn of the damage the hot pavement can cause to dogs’ paws. PetMD advises that, in addition to making sure outdoor dogs are kept hydrated and cool, “it’s essential to look out for paw pad burns on your dog or cat whenever your pet is let outside.”

COOL-TEC® is one of many patented architectural coating products in the extensive TEX•COTE® line. The company also offers its COOL-TEX® coating for garage floors, patios, walkways, balconies, ramps, recreational areas and aquatic centers. And its patented COOLWALL® System has the same effect on building exteriors. In an independent study, The U.S. Department of Energy determined the COOLWALL® coating is highly efficient at reducing absorbed infrared heat, thereby lowering cooling costs.


Founded 57 years ago, Textured Coatings of America, Inc., is a family-owned and operated industry leader in researching, developing and manufacturing technologically advanced sustainable architectural coatings. The Los Angeles-based company has covered some of the world’s most prestigious buildings and landmarks ─ everything from the iconic Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles to seven of the top 10 bridges in America, FAA control towers, college campus buildings, major retail centers, and homes from coast to coast. With manufacturing plants in Florida and California, TEX•COTE® products are distributed internationally.

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