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NV Earth products introduce ISO hydraulic

Dynamics Green Products, a Southern California-based company, is preparing to launch the newest addition to its NV Earth line of high-performance, bio-based outdoor power equipment lubricants. The company says these new fluids can completely replace conventional petroleum in over 200 million pieces of equipment in North America.

“The human population consumes almost 4 billion gallons of crude per day; it’s absolutely staggering when you think about it,” said Dynamic Green Products founder Scott Porter. “Petroleum contaminants are spread into the air, water and food supplies every second of every day, which negatively impacts the health of all human beings and our planet’s ecosystem. We can do better, but it all starts with you, with me, with us making better choices.”

Made from renewable content that’s biodegradable, the company says NV Earth ISO Hydraulic fluid is compatible with mineral oil and is able to outperform conventional lubricants. The company says it has surpassed the most stringent OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards, vane pump tests, dielectric safety requirements and the ASTM D943 turbine oil test for superior oxidation stability in the presence of water.

For those working for golf courses, municipalities, tree services, utility companies, forestry services, mining and construction companies, Dynamics Green Products says this lubricant is the responsible choice.

NV EARTH outdoor power equipment lubricants now include:

Photo: NV Earth

Photo: NV Earth

  • ISO 32/46/68 Hydraulic bio-based oil: The company says this is a full synthetic, biodegradable and oxidatively stable with outstanding shear prevention with long interval drains. To fit all geographic applications, the company says it has a high VI, over 240C flash point and low pour point of -45C, and it complies with the EPA’s VGP (vessel general permit) and exceeds corrosion, foam, emulsion and elastomer compatibility requirements of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
  • Bar and chain bio-based oil: The company says this is certified as nontoxic and is biodegradable, water-safe and produces no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) at high temperatures. It’s a proprietary blend of American-grown seed oils and performance additives that the company says deliver incredible lubricity, superior tack and lower bar temps.
  • 2-Cycle Engine bio-based oil: The company says this reduces emissions and carbon buildup and is a high-performance synthetic formulation using renewable content. The company adds that it will prevent sludge, abate smell and smoke and maximize throttle response.
  • 4-Cycle 10W-30 and 10W-40 bio-based oil: The company says this oil is made for larger equipment and is a full synthetic engine oil that extends drain intervals beyond OEM recommendations. According to the company, advanced metal protection is delivered through proprietary CLEAN BASE technology and high-temperature stability with enhanced anti-wear additives.

“It’s the biggest no-brainer option that every state and city should implement considering the immediate impact on safety and environment,” Porter said. “There’s no change in operating procedure, no changes to equipment and there’s no training required. Simply stop buying petroleum and use bio-based, then recycle and repeat! Why not?”

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