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American Riviera Bank’s Laurie Leighty Wins Innovative Banker Award

American Riviera Bank's executive vice president and chief administrative officer, Laurie Leighty, is the recipient of the 2017 Nation Meyer Innovative Banker Award, the bank has announced.

Laurie Leighty

Laurie Leighty

The award is given by DCI, the developer of the iCore360® core banking software and related technologies for community banks nationwide.

DCI is privately owned by a group of bank clients and established the annual award in 2014 to honor its founder, Nation Meyer, and his legacy of innovation and vision in banking.

The award recognizes a banker each year for contributions to improving his/her bank, community, the DCI family of banks, and the banking industry.

Leighty’s banking career spans 37 years, during which time she has established a record of helping banks succeed.

She was a member of the original team that opened American Riviera Bank in 2006, when the bank’s commitment to technology and providing service from experienced, knowledgeable bankers was established.

Leighty has helped the bank grow in the years since to nearly a half-billion-dollar bank with multiple branches.
DCI said Leighty has helped DCI improve iCore360® solutions over the years as an active user group leader and pilot test bank leader. She has been a valuable contributor to DCI’s banking HR exchange group and has been an advocate of DCI, helping DCI reach prospective new clients.

Leighty, a UCSB graduate who lives in Santa Barbara, also helps a number of nonprofits in Santa Barbara.

DCI called Leighty a “tireless influence in community agencies, schools and nonprofits, including the Santa Barbara Athletic Roundtable, Franklin Elementary School, The Center for Successful Aging and Women’s Executive Network.”

“Laurie truly exemplifies the spirit of this award to recognize those who notably improve the world around them in their work as a banker, as a DCI client, and as a citizen," DCI said.

"And this is even further exemplified by the nominations submitted by seven of her coworkers, which is the most nominations anyone has received for this award yet,” DCI said in announcing the award.

American Riviera Bank employee Nancy Estby, one of the seven who nominated Leighty, wrote in her nomination:

“Laurie is a great mind, an innovator and she makes our bank better. She serves our community and serves on many boards and foundations. She shows kindness in her daily life, in and away from work.”

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