EnduroShield—a revolutionary, permanent* non-stick, invisible treatment for glass that repels water, grime, and dirt—protects the 223,890 square feet (20,800 square meters) of glass façade on the almost 860-foot tall Infinity Tower in Brisbane, Australia.

The Infinity Tower, the tallest tower in Brisbane and the third tallest skyscraper in Australia, was completed in 2014 by Karimbla Constructions (a division of Meriton Apartments). The uniquely designed tower contains 81 levels of commercial and serviced residential apartments. It is located in the heart of Brisbane's CBD in Queensland, Australia.

In addition to protecting the glass from the elements and reducing cleaning time, EnduroShield Protective Coating for Glass also shielded the glass against staining and etching from exposure to cement slurry, dirt and grime during construction.

“We used EnduroShield Professional coating on the Infinity Tower in Brisbane as our client wanted protection during the building process and long term easy clean benefits after construction,” said Steve Harrity, the Project Manager for Micos Group.

“The coating came into its own 20 stories up when there was a concrete spill which went over a large part of the façade,” Mr. Harrity said. “It was two days before the cleaning contractor could get to it, and they commented on how easy the concrete was to remove. Best of all, it hadn’t etched the glass, eliminating the need for any costly replacement.”

EnduroShield, chosen for the company’s high level of technical knowledge, experience and training, helped eliminate the costly and problematic need for glass replacement on the job site, according to Mr. Harrity.

The glass curtain wall factory applied EnduroShield after receiving training, consultation and implementation of a quality assurance procedure. The factory has now been certified and is authorized to provide the EnduroShield 10 Year Warranty.

After construction of the Infinity Tower, EnduroShield significantly reduced the risk of scratching, which often occurs when cleaning contractors try to remove stubborn concrete and debris from untreated glass with razor blades and abrasive cleaners.

ATTACHED PHOTO: EnduroShield protected the glass on Australia’s Infinity Tower during construction and, now that construction is finished, protects the glass from staining and etching.

*Based on 10 years of simulated normal use and certified by TÜV Rheinland, Germany.


EnduroShield is a revolutionary permanent* non-stick, invisible coating for glass, ceramic and tile surfaces. By repelling water, soap scum, grime and dirt, the coating reduces cleaning time by up to 90 percent. EnduroShield can be used to treat glass, tile, grout, stainless steel and car windshields. The product is available in Home Depot stores in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.enduroshieldusa.com.