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For a unique business, start a press release with a specific example

It is a good bet that a new company will make a splash in the news — editors and reporters like being the first to announce anything new and revolutionary. If that new, revolutionary thing is a new business, new jobs and a new product or service, they just got a 3-for-1 deal.

Although Critical Solutions is not a new company, it is new in Santa Barbara thanks to a recent expansion.

This expansion is the focus of the press release below.

Since the name "Critical Solutions" does not clearly explain this company's service, notice how the first sentence focuses on a specific, relatable example. A first sentence like this: "Critical Solutions Protective Services Group is now offering its protection services in Santa Barbara County," does not give the clear explanation and interest as the first sentence used below.

While, in most cases, you want the company name at the top, it is okay in this and similar instances to wait until the second paragraph.

Private protection group expands into Santa Barbara

Adam Bercovici

Adam Bercovici

The security company behind the first active anti-terrorism security program at a major American mall is now offering its private security services to Santa Barbara County residents.

Critical Solutions Protective Services Group specializes in executive and celebrity protection, event security, corporate security, estate and residential security details, healthcare and hospital security and private school safety security. The company also offers security trainings and assessments.

“It is an unfortunate truth of our day and age that robberies and the threat of terrorist attacks are on the rise while police departments’ budgets are being reduced,” said Adam Bercovici, a retired Los Angeles Police Department lieutenant and Critical Solution’s Chief Executive Officer, now based in Carpinteria.

Critical Solutions employs off duty and retired police officers who have extensive experience and proven loyalty. Employees have experience in tactical, surveillance operations, consulting, large venue security and retail security, according to Mr. Bercovici.

“We are excited about our recent expansion to Santa Barbara,” said Joseph Scully, an attorney and Critical Solutions partner. “We want to help our clients feel as safe and secure as possible, no matter what the occasion.”

“Customer care is one of our top priorities,” Mr. Bercovici said. “We remain available to our clients day and night, and we solve problems as discreetly and confidentially as possible.”

Based in California, Critical Solutions operates in the United States and has employees in the United Kingdom and Europe.

For more information, call 800-278-4575 or visit


Critical Solutions Protective Services Group is a threat assessment, risk management and integrated security company based in Los Angeles. With 25 years of private security industry experience, the law enforcement professionals who own and operate Critical Solutions provide security services to progressive leaders in business, politics and entertainment. For more information, call 800-278-4575 or visit