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When it's okay to take a back seat in PR


When it's okay to take a back seat in PR

Even though this press release is about Abiel Acosta of Acosta Wealth Management, you'll notice in paragraph two and following that we took quite a bit of time and space telling about El Centrito Family Learning Centers.

Since we are announcing Abiel joining El Centrito's board, it is natural to include information about El Centrito; however, it is important not to curtail the explanation about El Centrito in favor of more space to list Acosta Wealth Management's services.

In a press release announcing you have joined the board of a nonprofit, too much focus or emphasis on your own business is bad form. Take the time and use the space to brag about the good work of the nonprofit you are supporting. Your business will actually benefit from taking a back seat on this one.

Abiel Acosta joins El Centrito board

Abiel Acosta

Abiel Acosta

Abiel Acosta, CFP®, Founder and President at Acosta Wealth Management, recently joined the El Centrito Family Learning Centers Board of Directors.

Founded in 1992, El Centrito offers high quality educational and leadership services to low-income and immigrant children and families in Ventura County. The nonprofit focuses on collaborating with parents, schools and neighborhoods. El Centrito offers three main programs:

  1. a STEAM Academy focused on strengthening children’s skills in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics,
  2. early childhood programs to prepare English-learning children for kindergarten, and
  3. parent education programs designed to build parent leadership and encourage parent participation in their children’s education.

“I believe education is foundational to help children set ambitious goals and achieve those goals,” Mr. Acosta said. “I have seen how the staff at El Centrito effectively help build students’ confidence and instill a love of learning. I joined the board so I could encourage, support and help expand their great work.”

Mr. Acosta is a financial planner committed to helping his clients pursue long-term financial success through a diligent and proactive financial planning process. He helps professionals and small business owners have financial “sense of security” so they can focus on their businesses and families.

“I hope to use my professional experience as a financial advisor to help El Centrito continue to operate and thrive for future generations,” Mr. Acosta said.

For more information on El Centrito Family Learning Centers, visit For more information on Mr. Acosta, visit


Acosta Wealth Management is a full-service financial planning firm associated with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation, a division of Lincoln National Corporation. Mr. Acosta is one of 67 financial planners from among 2,000 across the U.S. to belong to the Select Member group of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. / Sagemark Consulting — Private Wealth Services program, dealing with High Net Worth clients. This distinction shows Mr. Acosta’s commitment to client service and current success. For more information, call 805-973-5908 ext. 27 or visit CRN1027283-100214